9 Best Trekking Shoes in India (2020) – Review

Explore and enjoy the scenic beauty on foot. Nothing can match the joy of walking through unspoiled wilderness or traversing a place untouched by modernity. Trekking is a form of walking that meets the purpose of discovering a remotely located or difficult place. These areas are not served by roads and usually need to be reached by foot. Enjoy the gorgeous panoramas or the people of the mountains with their culture, traditions and scenery.

Treks and expeditions are usually organised by trekking companies with the widest choices in destinations and duration. Whether you are a hardened mountain enthusiast who wants to go on a high-altitude trekking, peak climbing or expedition or an occasional walker who prefers the alpine footpaths, valleys and villages then you must definitely listen to your calling. The mots important things that you must carry on a hiking or trekking trip that will help your survive and complete the journey are as follows:

  • Water bottle
  • Munching items like trail mix, dry fruits, dry mix and energy bars
  • Day pack or backpack
  • Trekking shoes or hiking boots
  • Swiss knife
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Torchlight or Flashlight

One of the most important things that you need while you go on a trek is a good pair of trekking shoes.Your trekking shoes need to have a perfect fit which is probably the most important feature of any hiking footwear, your footwear needs to fit your foot else it will cause discomfort while walking or hiking or may also result in injury that may result in your trip being cut short. The main features of functional hiking boots and shoes include
Shock absorption
The other qualities needed in a sturdy hiking boot are good traction, shock absorbency, waterproofing, breathability, good ankle support, stability, light weight, and durability.

Check our list of best trekking shoes in India

Woodland Men’s Sneakers

These stylish boots can compliment your urban lifestyle or demonstrate its ruggedness on rocky terrains. The sophisticated uppers are made of leather and textile that makes it look classy and gives rigidity. The rugged outer sole gives it practicality and make sure that you tread on the rocky paths without facing any issues.

Available in khaki, olive green and camel the closure for the shoes have a lace up design which makes it fit your foot properly. Shoes have a medium width and will go well with your jeans or other casual wear. It has a product warranty for 90 days against manufacturing defects. You can clean the shoes by spraying them with leather cleaner or leather shampoo and use a good quality brush to remove surface dirt.

If your shoes are wet allow them to air dry before proceeding to clean them. Do not expose the shoes to sun or heat from the sun which will cause them to harden, crack , dry, wrinkle or shrink. These shoes are a smart buy for its sturdiness and sleek style.

Make them a part of your wardrobe soon as these will serve a dual purpose of taking you to those difficult treks or make a style statement by pairing them with your favorite pair of jeans or causal trousers.

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Red Chief Trekking Boots

These low ankle lace up casual shoes for men will make a perfect style statement when you step out. 360 comfort and flexibility are the best features of these shoes because of the highly padded collar, upper and foot bed. The lace up entry with loops add an extra elegance to these shoes.

The PU leather makes these shoes comfortable and easy to fit increasing their longevity. They fit well and do not bite. The shoes are hard and heavy making them an ideal choice for long trails and hours of difficult walking. These rough and tough boots are great for slippery trails, rocks, wood and uneven surfaces.

They give exceptional traction and stability. The PU soles makes these shoes safe and comfortable making them skid resistant. Invest in these shoes if you are searching for the perfect pair for your wardrobe or for that arduous trekking trip that you had been wanting to go since a long time.

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Wildcraft Trekking Shoes

These black shoes with red detailing have soles made of rubber that can give you a perfect grip on slippery terrains and ice. Makes for an ideal choice if you are going out on long trekking trips to icy mountains or a forests where it rains regularly.

The shoes have a lace up style and fit perfectly. Perfectly fitting shoes are important as they make for a safe option when you are going for hiking trips. These keep you safe and will make the long walks easier. Made of mesh these sturdy and attractive shoes can be handled and cleaned easily.

Use a leather cleaner or leather shampoo and a good quality brush that can loosen the dirt stuck on them. Let them air dry if you have returned from a rainy trip and always make sure that they are dried at room temperature. Do not expose them tor sun or direct sun rays else they will crack or harden.

Always make sure that your shoes are properly dried before you decide to clean them else the material might get damaged and start developing fissures or can shrink.

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FURO Trekking Sports Shoes

These hike and outdoor range from FURO Sports are sleek and strong. Invest in these gorgeous pair of shoes that will truly be a vale for your money. The toes and heel are hardened for better grip and safety. They will keep you away from skidding or slipping when you are out on those long and slippery trails. They will also make walking a breeze if you are going trekking to the rainforests or the slippery areas that see a lot of accidents.

While out on a hike, you security is most important and should not compromised. The shoes offer better cushioning because of the soft density collar foam shock observer and anti-skid system. Imagine what a smart buy this pair of shoes can be.

Molded PU at heels offer better support while the friction eye brow webbing lace and and hiking shoes sole are made of cushioned rubber that will provide excellent friction. The breathable upper mesh and the dry tex lining make these pair of shoes the ideal pick of any kind of terrain.

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Redchief Leather Trekking Shoes

Trekking shoes must always be comfortable and sturdy and provide friction to avoid accidents. This pair from Red Chief has all the ideal features to make this an ideal pair for your trekking and hiking trips.

Step out in style and catch everyone’s attention in these low ankle lace up shoes that provide excellent relaxation and security from any accidents. The highly padded upper and foot bed will provide flexibility and comfort.

The rustup of suede nuback leather with punch detailing and metal oval eyelets make them attractive. Do not expose them to heat or direct sunlight else they will crack or harden.

If you want to clean them use a dry cloth to loosen the dirt stuck on them or you can use a good quality shoe shampoo to do the trick. Avoid cleaning them when they are wet and always use a soft brush or cloth to clean them.

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ADD GEAR CTR Trekking Shoes

These are the perfect anti-skid shoes that are made of synthetic breathable material. The rubber gum sole is made in Italy and you can swear by its durability and comfort.

The thick sole with anti skid properties are slip resistant and water resistant and made of high quality midsole that will give extra strength and make these shoes really the best choice if you are planning to go on long hiking adventures along slippery trails.

The pressure proof self cleared out sole throws out debris making it a smart pair of shoes that can self-clean and leave little worry for you.

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Adidas Men’s Trekking Shoes

These shoes made of PU material and lace up closure are an offering from Adidas with a round toe style. The shoes offer best in the class comfort and flexibility. Be assured of its anti skid and anti slip properties because of its sturdy soles. Every pair has been designed to give you style and comfort. Pick these before you head out on your next trail as these are value for your money.

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Salomon Mid AnkleHiking Shoe

These smart and strong pair of shoes from Salomon have energy cell, a high performance Eva foam that gives you excellent shock attenuation. They are made of breathable lining and have been designed for comfort and safety.

Pu coated leather makes it to last longer. Protective toe cap is made of synthetic material and the protective mudguard protects the lateral and medial sides of the foot.

Armed with a traditional lacing system for better grip and gusetted tongue that will prevent the debirs from entering the shoes. This makes for a perfect pick if you are looking for make an invest in a sturdy and long lasting pair of trekking boots.

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Quechua Men’s Snow Hiking Boots

These warm and waterproof shoes are designed for those who enjoy hiking in the snow as it has perfect traction on snowy mountains. Use them for snowshoeing or to hike up slippery mountains.. The snow contact sole gives the best traction and grip on all types of snow-covered terrain and rain forests.

It has breathable and waterproof membrane to keep your feet protected and dry. The grip is made with snow contact technology materials and the pattern of the soles has strong grip. It is composed of 60.0% Polyurethane (PU) and 60.0% Rubber and 40.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) It has a 2 years warranty and is the best investment if you are looking for shoes for your long hiking trips.

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Choose from our selection of the best trekking shoes in India. Always make sure that the pair you pick fits you well and give you the best anti skid properties. Your safety matters the most and a good pair of trekking shoes should be able to give you comfort and safety as you go about on those enjoyable hiking trails. Also check out this video from professional trekker which will further help you to chose the right pair.

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