Ac buying guide 2020. How to choose the best air conditioner in India (guide & points to remember).

Are you struggling to buy a new Air Conditioner for your home? The question of buying the perfect ac can be quiet hectic because there are so many options available in the market and every company claims that their product is the best

To get the most of your purchase experience , follow this comprehensive Ac buying guide 2020.

Key points to consider before buying an Ac

1.Room Capacity

The total volume required to cool a room depends on the size of that room. For instance, a 1ton AC for a compact room of upto 120 sq.ft. is more than enough as the heat load is manageable
However, in a average medium-sized room, a 1-ton AC is likely to be overloaded

2.Noise level

Noise is an important point which needs to be considered when designing HVAC equipment because of its disturbing factor.
Air conditioner noise is controllable and can be minimized with the use of insulator, rubber and other noise absorbing materials.

Good equipment design and layout plays an important factor in the air conditioner noise emitted by the machine.

3.Temperature / weather

The weather temperature is also critical factor in determining the type of AC you will need for your space. If you live in a place with hot summers, then you may require a 1.5 AC even for average sized rooms .

4.Number of people

Another important factor to consider before purchasing an air conditioner unit the number of people in a space .
This means that if a room is filled with lots of people then you need a stronger unit to cool the space.

What is an Air conditioner

It is a system which removes heat from the space or room cools down the entire room at desired temperature. The heat is extracted outside the room by the help of the unit. The cool air is transmitted through the machine extracting the outer air with the help of the compressor through proper ventilation.

How does it works

  • Step 1: Warm air is absorbed by the evaporator coil. The air inside your room is extracted through a vent and blows over the cold evaporator coil.
  • Step 2: Compressor raises the refrigerant temperature.of the unit
  • Step 3: Heat is transmitted outside of the unit
  • Step 4: The air in the unit gets cold and passes down the unit into the room.

Types of Air conditioner

The first advice of buying an air conditioner is to know first the types of ac available in the market. This buying guide will help you find the suitable air conditioner for your home according to your space and needs.

Window Ac

Window ac is much cheaper than Split AC .It requires a window in the room to get installed .It comes with the same star like the split ac and it is power saving too. Benefit of purchasing window are

  • It is suitable for small to average size rooms.
  • Easy to install and quick in process
  • It is not messy on the other walls. It only needs a window to get fitted.

Split AC

These are generally expensive than window AC but its more efficient than window ac . These are best suitable for medium to large room space .it has better cooling design to chill the area than window ac which has small blower space to cool the big room. the benefits of buying this AC are

  • You can install it in whichever wall you want as your wish.
  • It is quiet and non noisy in functioning .
  • If your ac needs to function more than 5 hours go with split ac because it has better running efficiency .

Portable Ac

This is same like window ac , but it can be transferred from room to room . You can carry it from apartment to another on as per your needs . It only needs an outlet power and an open window to extract the heat from the unit

Types of Air conditioner Compressor

Reciprocating Compressor

The reciprocating compressor is the most popular type of AC compressor. A piston compresses the air by moving up and down inside of a cylinder. As the piston moves down, it creates a vacuum effect that sucks in the refrigerant. You can know more about it here

  • Simple easy layout.
  • Two stages model make them more useful.
  • Low cost at beginning.

Rotary Compressor

A displacement compressor is very common known rotary screw compressors these are some of the easiest types of air compressors to take care , as they are equipped with an internal cooling system and don’t need much maintenance.

  • Its best cooling facilities
  • Non noisy operation.
  • Can run 100% of the time.

Condenser Coil Aluminum Vs Copper

Transfer of heat

The main purpose of the coil is of transferring heat Copper has the higher capacity of transferring heat than that of aluminium. Therefore copper coil is better when it comes to transfer heat .

Cost factor

Copper is more costly than aluminium.. Therefore, an AC having copper coils is more expensive as compared to aluminium which can lead to more expensive AC. Hence, aluminium coils are cheaper better when it comes in comparison the cost factor.


Copper is more long lasting and durable than aluminium coils.. When aluminium coils get damaged you have to replace it.. It is not the same case with the copper coils. You can again repair and reuse Them if it gets damaged. Hence, copper is more long lasting and durable than aluminium coil


The maintenance of coil depends on the durability and has direct effect on it . As copper is more long lasting , the maintenance of its not much needed. Aluminium Coils on the other hand need more maintain and it can be expensive. Therefore, copper is more opted that in comparison of aluminium coil in terms of maintenance.

Smart Features that are available in modern ACs


‘Sleep Mode’ on your air conditioner will keep your room cool around automatically throughout the night and it will give an increase in its temperature by certain degrees up to certain level without the sleeper even knowing it.


Turbo function allows you to operate from your unit at the high speed of fan for 30 minutes which is helpful to cool down your room or heat it.


Auto mode means when your unit is cooling it automatically turns on the fan with an auto start mode.


Auto clean functionality is also a very good feature to clean the unit by starting the blower at full speed. The unit runs speedily for few minutes which removes all the sticky dust clogged pores and if any moisture present in the unit.

Tips for care and Maintenance of the Air Conditioners

Clean the Air Filters

The air filter gets locked with harmful dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. so that filtered air can reach you.. At the same time, if the tiny holes is not cleared in every two to three weeks the harmful dust and particles can reach out from the holes slowly down to your room.

Check for Condenser Coil Corrosion

The unit which is placed outside gets dirty more often as its always in dust and moisture that adds corrosion in the AC condenser coil. In order to make it work properly , the condenser coil has to be treated properly so that it doesn’t gets spoiled.

Condensate Drains

Occasionally pass a tight wire through the machine draining channels. Dirty drain channels stops a machine from reducing humidity, and the resulting more moisture may Change the color of walls or carpet

Window Seals for Room Air Conditioners

At the start of opening an air conditioner you need to check all the gaps of the windows and seals and to make ensure than all the slides are properly packed. Because if it is not closed properly it can pass all the cold air away from they room and not making the room cool enough as desired.

Hiring a Professional

After some years you need to maintain more than regular maintaining which was done by yourself .But with time you need a professional to fix all the minor and major problems related to AC, so we recommend hiring a professional technician from the company from which the ac was bought.


It can be quite hectic to select the ideal AC for your hom but with the right guidance and knowledge it can be easy to select best ac model for your home According to your budget , room space and model best suited for your room.
We have also done a comprehensive research an found the best ACs that are available in the market right now.

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